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I am the ONLY candidate with real experience of HE and FE

Unlike Roger and Sally, I have worked in the post 16 education system for many years. The bulk of my teaching was in Burnley College, Lancashire, where I taught in the Business Studies Department.  I was the co-ordinator of Management and Professional Studies teaching to students at levels 2 and 3, as well as graduate and post-graduate studies. At higher national and degree level, I’ve taught on courses in management, business, tourism, child study, engineering and education. At post-grad level, I’ve taught on courses in management and education. I also designed and delivered training for the commercial wing of Burnley College. My other main teaching area is on the TUC courses (Unionlearn), where I tutor on the Employment Law programme at Deeside College in Wales, having left Burnley in September 2005.  

As you can see, all of my recent teaching experience has been at 18+, but I have taught 16 to 19 as well.  My FE experience includes teaching as a part-time lecturer in the Liberal Studies Section (remember liberal studies?) at Tameside College, in Greater Manchester. That was followed by both part-time, then full-time in the Communication Section, (remember communication studies?) at High Peak College in Buxton, Derbyshire.  

As most of you will know, working in FE gives you a rich and rewarding experience of teaching, and I have taught adults on return to work programmes, students with disabilities and learning difficulties.   I have taught students on courses as varied as catering, engineering, nursery nursing, business, leisure and tourism, sports studies, media and music.  I know what it’s like to be an hourly-paid lecturer, indeed, that is what I am at the moment!  I know what it’s like to be an FE lecturer, that’s what the bulk of my experience is.  I know what it’s like to deliver post-graduate programmes, that’s what I did as a programme leader.  Indeed, I am the only candidate who really knows what it’s like in colleges and universities. 

If you elect me General Secretary, uniquely, it will be those experiences which I will bring to the job.


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