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A manifesto is a strange thing to write, as it entails writing down , in relatively few words, what I think – and you’ll find those thoughts under different categories around this site.

However, to give a flavour of the kind of UCU I’d like to see as General Secretary, the following spring to mind:

1 – First and foremost, is the notion that UCU becomes a campaigning trade union which defends the working and professional conditions of all its members – whether you’re a professor or a dance instructor, whether you teach in a prison or Oxbridge, whether you’re full-time or whether you’re part-time, whether you’re just starting out, or whether you’ve got bags of experience. 

Your job, your terms, your conditions – that’s what I’ll aim to defend and improve.

2 – Putting equality at the heart of the union – that’s what I’ll do as GS.  Why?  Because equality is central to our membership – and not just a passing reference or lip service, but developing a vigourous department, building on the pre-existing strengths, and supporting self-organisation. 

 Campaigning, not just for you, but with you.

3 – Ensuring that the UCU is led by its members, not bureaucratic centrists.  Encouraging activism from as wide a range of members as possible.  Developing a culture where the wishes of the members are not overridden by those who place no trust in you to know what’s best for you and your union.

Trusting you to to develop your union.

4 – Making sure that the political direction of the Union is guided by the members and the traditions of international trade unionism.  A Union which actively fights against the marketisation of education – at all levels. 

A union which reflects your views on privatisation, racism and community  service.

5 – Openly supporting those activists who are engaged in the struggle against management.  Building local, regional and national support for those of you who are in dispute.

Not being behind you in your struggle, but beside you.

6 – In the best traditions of trade unionists, demonstrating solidarity with other trade unionists, not just in education, not just in the UK, but wherever and whenever we can.  Including the repeal of the anti-TU laws, and the establishment of laws which allow trade unions the freedom to protect workers.

Remembering that an injury to one is an injury to all.


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